Acne Treatment

Acne causes misery and embarrassment at any age…

Acne is usually caused by an increase in the level of androgens first experienced during puberty. Androgens cause more production of sebum , an oily substance plugging follicles and encouraging the growth of a skin bacterium called proprionobacterium acnes.

Types of Acne…

Common forms of acne include comedones (blackheads) and increase in severity to cystic types of acne. Many adults are left with scars due to having acne in their youth and the inflammation associated can lead to hyperpigmentation.

Managing the concern…

We can manage acne using various medical and cosmetic treatments.

These treatments include:

  • Skin Peels;
  • Use of Cosmeceuticals;
  • Advice about skin care and management.
  • Appropriate prescription medication where indicated
  • Light treatments

Effect on appearance…

Acne scars can include raised (hypertrophic) or depressed (atrophic) scars. Their appearance ranges from looking like a scar caused by an ice pick to a wide saucer type scar.

Prevent scarring…

We encourage early treatment of acne to discourage scarring. We also provide remedies to improve or eradicate acne scars from your appearance.

Are you concerned about Acne? Please contact us and talk to us about the best option for your treatment today.